30 Jul3 Things To Do Now To Get More Website Traffic

Web TrafficAny website owner knows what I’m talking about when I mention the amount of pain that’s caused by a lack of fresh eyeballs visiting our websites.  Personally, I’ve spent hours and hours discussing the issues with some of the greatest marketing minds on earth.  The consensus is that getting traffic can be a huge pain in the ass.  The simplest solution is to get tested tactics from those that have done it before you.

The first way to reach new people is to pay for it.

You can purchase access to email lists created by others in your markets.  Do a Google search for “solo ad (insert your market here)”.  What you’ll find is dozens of list owners that don’t know what to send to their audience.  You pay them and send them the email copy to mail and they’ll send it out to their audience.  Once you see results from their list, try to have a real conversation with them to see if they would be interested in getting paid per sale through your affiliate program.  Make sure you’re sending the traffic to a squeeze page or low priced sales offer that converts.

How you pay for traffic can vary greatly.  You can pay per click, pay per impression (with image ads or banners), or pay per sale.  The secret is to know what your actual prospects are looking for and where they’re spending their time.  Once you figure this out, you need to investigate each location they visit.  Many of them will have advertising or promotional opportunities.  Set a budget and target your exact audience.

The second way to reach people fast is to be social.  If you search for Ross Goldberg on Google, you’ll see all of my social profiles.  I’ve done everything I can to ensure that my social presence is easy to find because it allows me the opportunity to interact with potential prospects.

Facebook is the cornerstone of the social web and you have to have a presence there if you want to get anywhere with your audience.  Make sure you’re friends with any mavens in your market.  By being friends with the big guns, Facebook will automatically build your list of “friends” based upon mutual interests.  They will literally recommend you to your prospects and suggest that they add you as a friend.

Pinterest is quickly becoming a contender for our attention. The entire network is completely image based, so it’s fast and easy to consume everything your friends are posting.  I’ve personally never seen any other website where it’s as easy to find new things, cool recipes, and valuable insight into everything from exercise to fashion.  Being a mostly female dominated network, I was floored when my photo of a puppy that happened to be laying in a perverse position (he looked like a man’s private part) got hundreds of repins (484 so far), but in all my testing the pictures you think will perform best will usually do nothing.  The ones you post that are simply cute or basic will end up getting 100+ repins.  From this point forward, ensure that you have a “pin it” button on every blog you own and always use a picture that suits your post, but appeals to women.

I have more than 1,000 connections on Linkedin.  I got those connections by connecting with the right people to start with.  By importing my Facebook contacts, Linkedin now recommends me to anyone that they are connected to.  Once you set this up properly, they do the work for you.

To figure out any social website from new to old, all you have to do is look at the navigation.  Glance through each link and see if it offers you a way to interact with your customers.  If it does, add it into your strategy.

The third and final tactic is to use content to attract the right people (which is why you’re here).  Content has become even more important and provides you with the ability to get traffic for free.  The format of your content isn’t important.  It could be video, text, or audio.  If your content is good enough, it will be spread around the internet by people that find value in what you’re doing.  That’s the way the popularity is supposed to work on the web.  If you create good stuff, prospects will come.

The best content adds a ton of value, creates intrigue through a smart title, and will get people talking due to the stance you take on your specific topic.  Share what you know freely.  If you keep certain ideas to yourself out of fear that you’ll be providing too much of a solution in your free content, you’ll never truly get the attention of your audience.  Give away your best ideas and you’ll have people flocking to you in droves.  Search for Ross Goldberg and you’ll find my blog.  You can see how I use this strategy here by reading the other posts.

Mad Traffic will show you a wicked smart way to get compounding traffic in a few moments per day.

Have a good idea or something specific that works well for you?  Leave a comment and share with everyone.

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  1. Peter Osigbe says:

    Great Post Ross, you can either buy your traffic or get traffic buy providing valuable content all around the web

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