4 WTF Traffic Strategies That Can’t Work

Bad advice is sadly far too common. Depending on who you listen to, you could spend a large amount of your time and a decent amount of your money on bad ideas. The traffic strategies you’ll find here are all bad ideas, save your time, energy, and money for other tactics.

Safelisits are a lovely idea, but terribly implemented. Any service that tells you to provide a gabage email address up front probably isn’t worth pursuing. They specifically tell new users to create a garbage email address for the safelist and tell them to provide their good email address to the owner. Seriously, you know this can’t work.

Mass comments generally don’t make sense and only make the poster look silly. There is nothing wrong with leaving a real comment on a blog, but mass commenting using bad English just makes the poster look goofy. Real people would never click on a link left by a robot and the way Google is currently giving rankings to websites, this doesn’t work at all.

Robots are nowhere near as smart as you or I. No computer program can replicate what our brains can do, at least not one that sells for $30. Language is far too complex for any robot to be able to replicate what we’re capable of. Save your money and spend some time creating something valuable.

Social spam makes less than no sense. Do you walk into a party and yell “Buy my stuff!”? Of course not, it would be silly and make you look like a fool. Don’t be a social spammer, it’s a waste of your time and you’ll get zero results from it.

You’re smarter than trying to get anything from strategies like this. Real traffic comes from real people that are looking for solutions to their problems. Be the solution and avoid the traffic strategies above.

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